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Discussion on: My transition and journey from a Windows operating system to Linux (Ubuntu)

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Mikey Joel • Edited on

My DevOps Linux Box App List(With some creativity tools in it):

Exchange Alternatives:
Evolution Mail(Full Calendar, Contacts, Mailbox, Tasks)
Hiri (Fully featured as well)
Mailspring(Mailbox but packed with features. You can pair it with MineTime calendar)

Music Production: Bitwig

3D Modeling: Blender, Modo, Maya, Houdini.

Image Editing: Gimp, Krita, others.

Productivity: Google Work Suite or Libre Office. (Keep in mind that if you are exporting reports to .csv format, there are libraries like openpyxl for Python and gnuplot for graphs)

Dev Tools: Visual Code, Sublime, Intellij Idea, PyCharm, Vim, docker, Ansible, kubernetes, zabbix, vagrant, kvm, Powershell Core, Dotnet, ASM, others.

Security: Metasploit, Medusa, Nessus, Others.

For gaming there are many kernels like XanMod but they might break if you need VMWare Workstation to manage ESXI servers or use the vmrun CLI, you'll prefer the stock kernel on Ubuntu/Debian distributions. Steam has a community that reports on games compatible for Linux via Protondb and there's also Lutris for non-Steam Games like Blizzards Overwatch or League of Legends.

Make sure you compare versions and compability if using snap vs Deb packages since dependencies on snap are sometimes not bundled (for example some dependencies for connecting via winrm onto a win box.) I rather install Powershell for example via Deb/repo on the host than using snap and sym linking whichever ever dependencies is looking for with different/updated versions.