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Insecurity and Branching Strategies

mikey profile image Mikey Battiston ・1 min read

Suddenly, you find that you're in front of your mind, looking back at it. It's just standing there, completely halted and unresponsive; staring at seemingly innocuous slack posts.

Rolling your mind into a carpet and sliding it down, via your ear, into your head; your mind fills you in on it's distraction:

It really doesn't matter whether you prefer GitHub Flow to Trunk Based Development, or any other branching strategy for that matter.

Once you're on board with the notion that branching strategies are just specifically applied as a means to mitigate the risks associated with a lack of test automation, "bad team design" or "planning issues", you're already beginning to feel that slow wave of discontent and you're already suspecting there's probably more to it.

Now that you're not distracted, consider that branching strategies are artefacts of an indulgence in the avoidance of insecurities. Insecurities that come with the responsibility of facing difficult questions.

Now consider the difficult questions

Now face them!

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