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Discussion on: Navigating with Ant Design and Reach Router

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Mike Wheaton Author

I prefer the simplicity of Reach Router (you can see an overview of the differences here). But the good news is that React Router will soon be adopting the Reach Router API, as discussed here. So at this point they're largely the same and migrating from one to the other shouldn't take long.

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Alexander B.K.

Thanks for reply. I got it. I have read both links you gave. Actually, I only use React-Router for its basic usage, haven't dived deeper, because there are other things that need more attention from me, being a full-stack developer.
As explained in the link about the feature of React-Router and Reach Router, I think I can wait for the new release of React-Router which will adopt the goods from Reach Router as well as keeping or enhancing the goods from itself.
While waiting for the new release of React Router, I agree that Reach Router looks simple that it is worth for a try.