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Twenty-year tech industry veteran, entrepreneur, Pluralsight author, Microsoft Azure MVP, and host of the CloudSkills.fm podcast.


Chief Technologist at CloudSkills.io

How to Build and Deploy Docker Containers with Azure Pipelines

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Learn Kubernetes in a Month of Lunches

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Starting Your DevOps Career from Scratch

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Home to Become a Microsoft MVP

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Azure Load Balancing Demystified

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Deploying to Azure App Service with GitHub Actions

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AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification

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The Truth about Cloud Certifications

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Azure Hybrid Cloud with Thomas Maurer

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Dive into Kubernetes with Nigel Poulton

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Cloud Native Patterns and Practices

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DevOps vs. Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)

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Getting Started with DevSecOps, AppSec, and Cloud Security

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Serverless Automation with PowerShell and Azure Functions

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Azure DevOps in the Real-World

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Azure vs. AWS

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The Continuous Delivery of Value with DevOps

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Azure Fundamentals Certification (AZ-900)

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Integrate an ASP.NET Core Web App with Azure Key Vault

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Kubernetes in 2020 with Kelsey Hightower

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