Who's interested in a Svelte/Sapper course based on a real world web app?

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Update: This is now available at www.mikenikles.com/cloud-native-web-development as a hands-on guidebook.

Hello dev.to community members interested in Svelte/Sapper,

There are a number of great online courses to learn the basics of Svelte. Also, the official tutorial is a must-complete resource to get started.

I've used Svelte/Sapper for about a year on a production web app and shared why I moved from React to Svelte.

However, what I think is missing is a more in-depth course based on a larger, real-world web application. If there's interest, I'm considering to open source my web application that uses the following:

  • Svelte / Sapper
  • Tailwind CSS
  • Deployed to Firebase Hosting
  • Firestore (with realtime updates in the browser)
  • Cloud Functions
  • CI / CD

The course would be split into small, ~10 minute videos with corresponding pull requests and a write-up for people who prefer text over video. It would explain concepts as and when they arise, e.g. components, props, slots, SSR, deployments, progressive web app, etc.

Who would be interested? What (else) would you like to be included?

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Quick update on the Cloud Native Web Development book I wrote. Sapper, Svelte, Tailwind, GitHub Actions, Cypress (components and e2e tests), Firebase.

The book is now available for pre-order at gum.co/cloud-native-web-development!

Use coupon code "preorder" for 50% off - first 100 copies only.

A Twitter thread with a summary of each chapter is at twitter.com/mikenikles/status/1262...


Got mine. Enjoying every step of this book.


Thanks for the feedback!


We beg for it, because there is not a lot of info about sapper in a real app situation with things like auth, api's, pagination, maybe a little explanation of how can we use service workers.
So please do it :).


I would love to have one of those beautiful courses you are talking about. Could also include GraphQL with mongodb in the back? Users account management, like signup, login, forgot password and the alike without firebase (using instead the same mongodb mentioned before)? Just to give an idea... user management is something we often have in applications, and something like your suggested course could help create a comprehensive boilerplate for future projects. Thank you very much in advance!!


Hi, thanks for your interest and the additional details of what you're looking for.

I decided to start with a hands-on book that teaches everything from git init to running a web application in production. Its current working title is Cloud Native Web Development. I'm about half way through writing the book and once published, will release ebooks to substitute technologies I use in the book. For example, the book will cover Firebase, but I will publish an ebook afterwards where I replace Firebase with MongoDB.


This is now available at mikenikles.com/cloud-native-web-de... as a hands-on guidebook.


I'm very interested/curious in your project but what are the prerequisites needed for it?


Any chance we could do this with GraphQL? Either is fine, just figured a graphql store would be interesting.


I just started using Sapper with Tailwind myself and would be very interested in your approach and the integration with firebase. πŸ‘


Hi Mike
I'm.. Please ley me know
I'm sapper tailwindcss fan



I loved to see how you build app which is PWA + svelte.


Hey Sonil, my book is out now and I use Sapper to develop a PWA.


I have started learning web app development and the list of topics (Svelte, Firebase, Cloud Functions) makes a perfect combination to me.
Please start this course soon.


Definitely interested! I think it would be the only complete course on svelte with sapper. Hope you start it soon