Bitcoin and sports betting: Play sports betting with the cryptocurrency

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Bitcoin and Sports Betting: The crypto-currency Bitcoin is currently on everyone's lips. Hardly a news or news portal that does not report on the exorbitant price increases of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a state-of-the-art digital payment method that allows you to conduct anonymous transactions within a short time worldwide. The cryptocurrency has now established itself in the online segment and offers users an anonymous opportunity to pay for goods or services. Also in the gambling segment and here especially in sports betting area have now prevailed Bitcoin as a payment method with a few providers. In the course of this guide, we want to introduce you to the payment method and explain their advantages and disadvantages. 

What are bitcoins?

Bitcoin is a digital currency that relies on a distributed computer system. In contrast to classical currencies such as the euro or the dollar, Bitcoin is not a country or a major bank. Rather, the Bitcoin network is made up of millions of individual subscribers who provide their computing power to the network. In return, they receive as payment Bitcoin. And these bitcoins can then turn into cash. Bitcoin payments can be made worldwide and their transaction usually takes a few minutes to a few hours. Due to the Bitcoin network and the large number of participants, it is currently not possible to manipulate transactions. It is still a very secure payment system. At the same time, Bitcoin payments can be made anonymously.

Where can I get Bitcoin for a bookmaker deposit?

There is meanwhile a whole row of so-called exchange stock exchanges, in which you can buy you Bitcoin. You make a deposit there by credit card or PayPal and receive in return an equivalent in digital Bitcoin. These bitcoins then store in a so-called wallet. Only you have the password and the access key to this digital wallet.

Which bookmakers currently offer Bitcoin payments?


The market leader in bitcoin and online sports betting is currently the bookmaker CloudBet . Here you not only pay in and out with Bitcoin, but also get a welcome bonus of up to five Bitcoin. At the current price of around 11,000 euros we are talking about a total bonus of 55,000 euros. Amounts between 0.01 BTC and 5 BTC activate an identical bonus balance here.


If you prefer to play at bookmakers who offer you an XXL game depth, where you can find well over 900 betting options, your way will lead you to 1xBet. Remember to visit Bet9javip.com for soccer predictions. The Russian bookmaker is one of the secrets among experienced players who want to bet football internationally.

Titan Bet

Titanbet is also highly rated by experienced players on the topic of bitcoin and sports betting. You do not have to pay a betting tax and occasionally this provider manages in the odds comparison on the front seats. The parent company behind the offer operates one of the world's largest and most well-known poker portals. It is a complete provider, where you can pay in and out with the digital cryptocurrency Bitcoin.


Although Vbet is one of the younger providers, it was able to secure a place among experienced sports betting fans in the field of bitcoin and sports betting. Because the bookmaker not only offers top odds, but also provides some experienced players with some exotic betting options. Professionals are served here with the ability to place XXL bets, and the bet slip gives you an instant pick option that allows pros to adjust the bet limit of a current match to their personal game preferences. Meanwhile, this bookmaker can also be paid or paid with Bitcoin.



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