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Imagine a factory full of chocolate, Swiss chocolate to be precise. The temperature is 26° C and massive drums filled with melted chocolate, massive coolers that make chocolate bars that are then packaged. Chocolate lover or not, this is sure one unforgettable site. Pun intended.

I digress. It’s not Swiss Chocolate we are talking about, in fact, this month’s site is from Denmark (close enough), Simply Chocolate based in Copenhagen and they use Cookies. Pun intended.

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A clean and lean site that spells elegance. The website makes one think of it as a premium chocolate brand. The kind of chocolate that has a fan group and may have participated in the Chocolate Awards and won. The landing page follows the Fibonacci sequence closely. The key points of the curve guide the eye to look at the important aspects of the site, based on importance.

On interaction, the site reveals more than just the initial. Subtle animations and motion is delightful as you scroll down the page, which is a list of their products, of which you can interact with directly. You have to experience it to see what I mean.

Sample Movement

Each product section includes a call to action button that prompts the user to add the displayed product into the ‘box’. This maximises user conversion — I ended up adding a few into the box, with the hope of buying, of course.

The Color

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The colour palettes selected for the site are directly related to the products manufactured and sold.

The Language

Language is actually part of design as it helps to intelligibly communicate with users; according to Thinking Design by Adobe

Words have meaning, and so do sentences and thus give meaning and direction. The direction taken determines the conversion, how many users will purchase the product or service.

Yes, you can buy love!

Everyone says you cannot buy love, but they tell you something else. That you actually can. But what is love? In their opinion, their chocolate is LOVE.

The Human Aspect

Human Aspect
On the About Us page, Simply Chocolate introduces the user to the ‘human’ aspect. They introduce the entire team dubbed, WE KNOW WHO ARE THE HAPPIEST EMPLOYEES IN THE WORLD. Chances they aren’t the happiest in the world, but for the moment, they are and that’s what matters. For Humans, seeing other humans on a ‘digital product’ makes them relate a bit more and removes the iron curtain that is the web. The user no longer feels like they are dealing with bots and artificial life forms, but relate directly to the humans on display.


What are your thoughts on Simply Chocolate? Let’s engage…

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