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What's the need for a Personal website?

Olanrewaju Michael
I'm Michael Olanrewaju a Developer and a programmer
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Do you know that having a personal website for yourself, your services or company is the new resume/portfolio and also a subtle requirement for people to trust you, do business with you or hire you for a job in a global space.
No do i really need a website?
Yes, you do and I will tell you why. I have read stories about Human Resource Managers searching on Google to know if they can find any useful information about potential employees, today i searched for my friends names and i was wow. Also, if they happen to find any, they’ll will judge them by their online content.

Now you need need to ask yourself this question,
What do people see when they search my name on Google?
If you are producing online content in your area of expertise that will help people and promote your work too...

Having a personal website gives you leverage to promote your content thereby which help to showcase your work.
Let’s say I have a business deal with some and we haven’t met but online. They’ll like to know more about me and they’ll definitely search “Michael Olanrewaju” on Google to know what kind of person I am. If that happens, I am glad my personal website will pop up😊.

Having a personal website helps you to influence people and add value to people by sharing your knowledge and ideas.

The more you create online content for people to consume, the more you influence them.

I know you might say, “well, I have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter accounts etc.” These are very important social media accounts you should have but that isnt complete.

do you know there are 3.2 billion searches on Google per day.👈

That’s because people are looking for solutions to there problems. Will they find you online?

Let me know what you think.
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carlosguzman profile image
Carlos Guzmán

Nice article.

I am searching about the effectiveness of personal websites to generate leads for developer freelancers. I have my doubts(probably wrong) about if a personal website is a good way to generate leads. Then I found your post and it gave me another point of view. Maybe a personal website will not generate leads but definitely it will help to convert a lead in a client.

What do you think? Do you know about how good are personal websites to generate leads?