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Michael Andreuzza
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Colors & Fonts v3 is out and about.

Hello everyone!

For the interested.

It was time to update all the colour palettes, gradients and fonts and finish up the colour system.

I took advantage and updated the layout and style too, removed the dark mode and just used as much white space as possible instead of having 32px padding on the desktop now is 4px.

Anyways, feel free to come to and copy all the colour styles in one click or follow me on the Figma Community or Twitter for updates.

This image ⬆ up here is new and completed Color System cleaned up. Before there were 14 different colours now is simplified to 12 and instead of having 12 different shades, there are 8.

This is the colour palettes, there are 20 new colour palettes and coming up more soon, you will find them here and on Figma available to duplicate with the previous versions.

Around...500 colours more or less.

Brand new Google Font pairings.

It was time to update the font pairings for once, you can preview here the 45 of the most popular Google font combinations.

Get it on the website:


or on Figma community -

Get it all the website:

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