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Understanding Python

At the moment I am on a self enrolled Python Course from a company named the Shaw Academy.

I have decided to pickup and learn Python because I have been told by several friends and colleagues alike it is an emerging and popular technology and its one of the easiest to code in todays society amongst other programming languages.

So far I can say its very much different from what I have been learning in comparison to HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

The concepts seem far off from the other languages, and its definitely taking me a while to pick up some of this stuff.

The only things I have been learning so far is to print a result from a inserted list. This could be a math equation or just simply gathering one of the items that you have inserted in the list.

So far with what I have been learning it definitely does not feel easy to pick up, or that I could code a whole interactive game just by learning this language. But hey, I guess I pretty much felt the same way when I started web design (Which I am still struggling with =[).

I believe if I stick at it with my full-time coding routine I will pick up more things and then soon be able to start actually programming useful results. I guess exercising patience is the main lesson here. Anyways, I plan to fail more here so that I can learn more as I go along.

Please stay tuned as I update you guys with my progress.

Thank you for reading.

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