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MikaZuki Augus
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I Failed...

Today I learned in one of my most recent Project submissions I have done for my Bootcamp for Javascript I was awarded a fail.

2 marks away from a pass...
SO.. What does this mean for me?

Should I give up? Should I pack it in and try and go back to what I know doing customer service or doing IT support??

No.. I don't want to do that. I still want to be a developer, I still want to push myself and try to reach new heights.. I still want to be able to improve myself in this industry and be able to build products and services that can be of use to people. And let's be real I still want to change careers so I can afford a better life for myself and my family.

I thought I would be crushed my grade for failing in the project I submitted.. Hell.. I believe I even failed my most recent project I submitted because of the time constraints put on me to learn all the material within one month and start a project within one week to finish. But you know what... It's all good. EVEN if I do fail, I will just have to pick myself up and try submitting the project again.

The only thing I can do is improve on what I failed on and try and go further! In the end these projects Im doing for the boot camp are all for my benefit and no-one elses. SO I have to keep believing in myself and keep trying to finish this journey that I pushed myself to start. I have to finish this story I started because I owe it to myself to be able to change my life and go for what I want and need!

I hope for everyone feeling down out there about not getting that job, not getting that pass grade, not getting that call back from a potential client that this Post can inspire them to not give up and keep pushing!

You deserve it and you got this! 👊🏿

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