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PostgreSQL on Render connect with Azure Data Studio

Connecting a free PostgreSQL database from Render with Azure Data Studio could be a bit tricky job. Here I'm going to show you how you can do that with no time.

Render is a hosting platform that provides free PostgreSQL for a limited time.

  • First, open a Render account from here. Then sign in and go to the Render Dashboard.
  • Select New from the top right corner and choose PostgreSQL here.
    new db

  • Then you will find a window that will pop up with the following fields. Give it a Name, Other fields are optional. You can leave them blank.
    input value

  • Scroll to the bottom and select Instance Type as Free

Image subs type

  • Then click on the Create Database button below this section. It'll take a few seconds to create this database.
  • Now open Azure Data Studio(ADS) and Install PostgreSQL extension.

Image extension

  • Create a new Connection on ADS, you will find a new Connection type PostgreSQL here.

Image con type

  • For Server Name go to your Render Dashboard and Copy this selected part between @ and / and put it you ADS server name.

Image server name

  • Then select Authentication type Password in ADS.
  • Copy User name, Password, and Database name from Render dashboard and put it into ADS.

Image uNp on render

Image uNp on ads

  • That is it, click on Connect it will connect your db in Azure Data Studio(ADS) and you can see your PostgreSQL database on the ADS connection list like below.

Image ads final

  • You can now right-click on your DB and select New Query for writing a new postgresql database query.

You can find my Video Tutorial on YouTube

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