Who are in the top 3 of most famous developers?

migueloop profile image Miguel Ruiz ・1 min read

I would like to know the most famous developers of dev.to community.


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In my opinion:
1 - Mark zuckerberg
2 - Notch
3 - Linus Torvalds

Mark: because he's forsure the most known developer for making facebook.
Notch: because he made the most popular game "minecraft" and he put himself in the game so everybody should know who he is.
Linus: actually i didn't know who to put in this case but linus came to my mind since he made Linux, i wanted to add Dennis Ritchie too but i don't think he's as much popular as those guys and i feel so bad for him, he died like 6 days after Steve Jobs died so not much people even noticed his death but we're not gonna talk about this now since it's just a top 3 discussion :'(


I, uh, didn't know Mark Zuckerberg was a developer.


Then how did he make facebook...

Writing application like this:

can be taught right after you handle "Hello world" :D

One interesting anecdote I recall is hearing that Zuck himself was writing code for Facebook's first attempt at a Snapchat clone (I think it was called Poke).

I don't think his job typically involves any code, but sometimes duty calls.

I also get the idea from other little things I've heard him say that he probably continues to write code for personal hobby projects and messing around with stuff like the Oculous developer platform as they try to get into VR and other areas.


developers of dev.to community.

I think you missed this!

And If I still omitt this, how can you forget, Dennis Ritchie ?


I would put him in my top for sure.


Didn't know Notch. Thanks!


Yeah, I mean it depends ... are we talking about who's the most famous to people who don't program, in which case guys like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Steve Wozniak are obvious choices. For the Ruby community that I'm a proud member of, if I had to narrow it down to 3, I'd say

1 - Matz
2 - DHH
3 - _why the lucky stiff

But even these big players are arguable. Well, except for Matz ...


You seems to be very influencer too. I'm following you haha.


I am sorry if I am off topic but these days I am following @aspittel @ben and @jess .


Those are the top 3 most-followed devs on-platform I believe. So spot on 😄


I think the people who answer missed the point:

developers of dev.to community.


To answer it this way, I'd say some of the folks who have dropped by to do AMAs top the fame charts. They're not all active users, but if I tag them they might get an email, depending on their settings.

@shanselman , @sandimetz , @addyosmani , @wesbos , @mourner , @sehurlburt , @hzoo



Wow awesome list. I was following the half of them. Thanks!


Yeah I meant that! But both answers are interesting in my opinion. Good point BG Adrian!


Oh wow, you're right, I did miss the point completely. Glad it wound up being an interesting conversation anyway!


For me:
Anders Hejlsberg
Taylor Otwell (yes, he writes in php)
Douglas Crockford

The order is not important


I'll follow them. Thanks so much!