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We just want people to keep in touch

Miguel Martín
I’m Miguel Ángel Martín, a Software Engineer working on Software Development and creating Products for Internet. Currently, working at
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Several weekends of confinement have helped us to shape and implement one of those projects we had in our personal backlog.

Because of the distance we are from each other, our friendship has relied heavily on phone calls and video calls. Some time ago, we started calling them, “remote coffees”.

Hey man, when are we having our next remote coffee?

We met at the University, we spent about two years working for the same company and we have kept in touch during these years thanks to our “remotte coffees” and also due to the many concerns about technology and productivity we have in common. “This conversation should have been recorded!”. We are sure this same thought came to you after some either formal or informal conversation you had. The challenge was simply to place a product live with as much free time as this quarantine allows, and here it is. We are not launching a super business, nor did we intend to, we both are fully dedicated to something else. We just wanted to launch this MPV and share it with friends and contacts. We do have a lot more functionalities and ideas to put on it but, if you want to try it, those ideas will be much better by taking into account your honest feedback.

Let’s see what we can build together.

Sign up and enjoy nice talks with whoever you like: family, friends or business:

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