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Universal Icon Picker

Javascript Icon Picker for any icon library

Main Features

  • Load any icon library from a single JSON file
  • Load the icon fonts stylesheets from local files or CDNs
  • Autoload the icon fonts (JSON + stylesheets) or load them only on request
  • Add as many icon libraries as you like to each instance of the plugin
  • Create multiple instances and triggers on the same page
  • Change the icon libraries attached to an instance whenever you want
  • Group icons of the same family by categories
  • Load one or more styles from the same icon family individually
  • Search / Filter icons
  • Built-in onSelect() and onReset() callback functions
  • Attach the Icon Picker to any HTML element
  • Add your favourite icon libraries very easily

Integrated icon libraries

Font Awesome

  • All
  • Solid
  • Regular
  • Brands

Material Icons

  • Filled
  • Outlined
  • Round
  • Sharp
  • Two-tone

Other icon libraries

  • Bootstrap Icons
  • Elegant Icons
  • Feather Icons
  • Foundation Icons
  • Happy Icons
  • Icomoon
  • Open-iconic
  • Tabler Icons
  • Weather Icons
  • Zondicons

Universal Icon Picker is free and open-source - License GNU GPLv3

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