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Michael Gangolf
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Titanium RC 11 available

The first release candidate of Titanium 11 is available!

It's a big step since that is the first version under the new TiDev Inc. since the hand over last year.

Some major features:

  • first full working release workflow after the Axway -> TiDev Inc. handover
  • updated documentation
  • many fixes in the build process (e.g. Windows issues, iOS error messages,...)
  • upgrade to Gradle 7.4.2 (Java 17 support)
  • Android 12 fixes for round borders
  • lots of fixes for dark/light mode switching
  • integration of the community PurgeTSS project (Tailwind class support for Titanium!)
  • updated core modules: map, facebook, identity and many more.

Check out the full release notes at and the blog post at

I've helped a lot with the Android part and I'm looking forward to finally include many new feature in the next 11.0.x releases! So much stuff is waiting there (CameraX support, Snackbar, Shadow colors, Code cleanup,...) 🚀 Great time for the Titanium community.

Want to join and create mobile apps with an easy to use but still solid framework? Have a look at and start creating awesome apps in no time.

And if you are a Java or iOS dev and want to work on the SDK yourself: have a look at the official github repo. Pull request are always welcome!

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Very nice! Trying it now!