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Titanium News #7

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Titanium SDK

Titanium 10.1.0.GA is out for a month now and there are already 41 closed PRs for the next 10.2.0 release. Many bugfixes, node 16 support and some great new features in the line:

  • custom icons for the Android Actionbar home button (PR link)
  • new pinch & zoom support for Android ImageViews (PR link)
  • imageIsMask support to tint or not the image on a button (PR link)

No release date yet and there are some other great PRs that might find a way into 10.2.0 like:

  • continuous update event for ListViews (PR link)
  • initial support for Material You theming (PR link)

Quick tips

There is a great discussion at TiSlack about ListViews and ImageViews and performance. This let to the new pinch & zoom PR mentioned above since one performance issues has to do with them: it looks like the old grey +/- views EVEN if you don't use them are responsible for some issues. You can add touchEnabled:false as a workaround or even use a normal View with a backgroundImage (JIRA ticket).
I've also created a PR to set fixedSize:true to a ListView if your ListItems have the same size. According to some RecyclerView tips & tricks pages this makes it smoother to add new elements without having the app recalculate the height every time.


If you didn't fill out the State of Titanium, 2021 Survey yet make sure to quickly stop by and fill it out!
TiDev also updated their organization-docs repo with some new documents.


A lot is going on with modules too! Many updates and some awesome new modules were created.

First @hansemann and me merged the native widget repos into So if you want to create a native app widget and need a reference project you can have a look at the updated repo.
Hans also created a new module to get/add/update iOS reminders: titanium-reminders.

For all Firebase Crashlytics users out there: make sure to update to the latest version. It finally works on Android again if you had issues with not getting any crashes before. Thanks to petenathan42 for the PR. He also added a PR to firebase-performance to use some new properties.

@mbender74 is working hard on some crazy new modules: an emitter view where you can add some animated ❤️, 👍 or other icons to your app

Image description

And with resizeable view a view that you can resize. Go check them out and add a ⭐!

The document picker module was updated by me with some parity for Android & iOS. Now it is easier to open e.g. a PDF file on both platforms with the same syntax.

Recently Google announced that there will be a new maps SDK/renderer:

The new renderer provides the following benefits:
* Cloud-based maps styling features are available with the new renderer.
* Reduced network load, processing demand, and memory consumption.
* Improved gesture handling for better animations, plus smoother panning and zooming.
* More fluid transitions and clearly positioned map labels.
* A more stable and improved user experience.
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If you want to try it already you can now with this PR to

The Titanium Dropbox API example project by @Astrovic received an update to get the access token again.

And the PurgeTSS module by @macCesar was updated to work with FontAwesome Pro 6 Beta 2 icons.

That's it

If you have feedback or some interesting Titanium apps, modules or widgets you would like to share: get in contact with me or leave a comment and I'll add it to the next Titanium news.

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