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Titanium News #6

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🎃 #hacktoberfest edition!

Currently it is Hacktoberfest 2021, an open source contribution hack-a-thon in October where you can earn some swag or plant a tree by contributing to projects on Github or Gitlab. Even some Titanium repos are there. Feel free to add the tag hacktoberfest to your repo and let other users contribute!

Titanium SDK

Titanium 10.1.0.GA is availabl!
It has iOS 15 and Android 12 support and finally the scalingMode to fit/fill images inside an ImageView ❤️

If you use a BottomNavigation on Android you can set paddingBottom/left/right to create a floating navigation.

The theming in 10.1.0.GA looks a bit fresher too. A new "solid" theme was introduced.


(old - new)

You can use:

  • Theme.Titanium.Dark.Solid
  • Theme.Titanium.Dark.Solid.NoTitleBar
  • Theme.Titanium.Dark.Solid.Fullscreen
  • Theme.Titanium.Light.Solid
  • Theme.Titanium.Light.Solid.NoTitleBar
  • Theme.Titanium.Light.Solid.Fullscreen
  • Theme.Titanium.DayNight.Solid
  • Theme.Titanium.DayNight.Solid.NoTitleBar
  • Theme.Titanium.DayNight.Solid.Fullscreen

check for more screenshots.

With this release there is an updated version of where you can add heat-maps and use animateCamera on Android. Also you can update an annotation image after creation

For all changes have a look at the release notes.

Upcoming SDK

Android 12 will introduce some changes and new features. There is already some work to support Material You in a future SDK:
If you are not using Adaptive icons for your Android app it is time to update. Otherwise the start in Android 12 will look a bit different. Check this tutorial

Quick tip

Want to create a horizontal ScrollableView? Here is a quick example a TiSlack user posted: Gist Example


That's it

If you have feedback or some interesting Titanium apps, modules or widgets you would like to share: get in contact with me or leave a comment and I'll add it to the next Titanium news.

And if you need an Android module or some help with your app feel free to get in contact with me, too 📬

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