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Titanium News #5

In case you've missed the older issues have a look here:

Titanium SDK

Two new SDK releases since the last Titanium News: 10.0.1.GA and 10.0.2.GA!

10.0.1 added LiveView with Hyperloop on iOS (when Hyperloop parts don't change), some iOS 15 fixes, possibility to disable copy on TextFields/TextAreas with enableCopy, some Material updates, Gradle update and a lot of other features and bug fixes.
Also there is some picker parity and more styles for date/time pickers e.g. calendar views.
10.0.2 fixed some iOS start-up bugs, optimizes ScrollableView on Android and allows you to compile apps on Linux when the (old) 32bit libraries are not installed 🐧👍

Next big version 10.1.0 has already 127 merged PRs (+ 145 npm package updates). Let's see how many of the 68 PRs will make it into it or will be in the next version.
Contributions are always welcome if you want to add some features!


A lot is going on in the module sector. @hansemannn and @mbender74 are recompiling many modules to be compatible with M1 Macs 🤟

There are also some new modules/widgets:

  • purgeTSS by @macCesar got many updates. Be sure to check it out if you want to use e.g. Tailwind classes in Ti! A grid system and some animation classes are in the pipeline, too.
  • ti.scroller is another widget by @macCesar that adds a nice marquee effect widget.
  • ti.apng is a simple APNG module for Android by me
  • ti.pdftools is another Android module by me to add the possibility to merge multiple pdf files or convert images to a pdf.

If you use io.branch I would love to get some feedback for this Titanium 10 Android PR. I've updated the module so you can use it again with the latest io.branch version and the test app compiles fine. But I'm not using it so some real user feedback would be awesome.

That's it

If you have feedback or some interesting Titanium apps, modules or widgets you would like to share: get in contact with me or leave a comment and I'll add it to the next Titanium news.

And if you need an Android module or some help with your app feel free to get in contact with me, too 📬

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