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Titanium News #4

Been busy lately with some work (more details below) that's why it took a bit longer to write a new Titanium News blog post.
In case you've missed the older issues have a look here:

Titanium SDK

Ti 10 is now available (Release notes) and the next Titanium 10.0.1 will have some big performance improvements for ListViews! This PR is already merged which will help you with complex templates and there is another PR that will add some more speed!
For iOS there are already some iOS 15 fixes and some Hyperloop fixes. So if you have some issues with Ti 10 they'll be fixed in 10.0.1.


@janvennemann is updating LiveView to use Vite in his next-branch:
Awesome to see that he is still working on it and using Vite as an "engine"!


If you want to support the future of Titanium you can go to and donate some money. TiDev is currently setting up some goals and future plans so we can see what the next steps will be 👍


This time there are many M1 iOS updates of existing modules by @designbymind:

I've created an OpenStreetMap module for Android:

updated Ti.Paint (Android) and added undo/redo and a multi color mode:

and raised the version of Ti.Animation (Android) to 4.1.0 to use the latest Lottie version:

One last thing

As mentioned in the beginning I had some stuff to do that kept me busy: I'm a freelance developer now 🤗 So if you need help for your next App project, some Titanium Android modules or a Web/Wordpress project feel free to get in contact with me 📬

And that's all for this time!

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