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Titanium News #16

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Titanium 12.1.2.GA, whats new in main branch and lots of modules.

Titanium 12.1.2.GA

Between the last Titanium News and now there was 12.1.1.GA and 12.1.2.GA was released a couple of days ago.

You can check out the release notes at 12.1.1.GA and 12.1.2.GA.

Some bugfixes for Xcode 14.3, especially when using apps with spaces or special characters in the app name (you can also use i18n app names) and the Android TableView will stay at it's scroll position when you reassign data.

Hyperloop 7.0.5 is bundled with the SDK, too.
In case you run into EACCES issues: run chmod +x "~/Library/Application Support/Titanium/modules/iphone/hyperloop/7.0.5/hooks/node_modules/hyperloop-metabase/bin/metabase"


In the last couple of weeks we had two "merge session" with @cb1kenobi and myself to review and merge some pull requests. Here are some of the new features that were merged into the master branch already:


Many modules received updates! So in case you use one of them make sure to update your apps.

  • iOS Vision / VisionKit in Titanium 2.1.0: update module environment to latest, add new API
  • ti.admob (original) released iOS 6.1.0 and Android 5.1.0 with big help by @Astrovic. All included modules are updated and his fork already updates iOS to 6.2.0 with support for "App Open Ad".
  • Dropbox API 6.0.0 was released with OAuth2 code flow support and more methods
  • PurgeTSS 6.2.26 updates Tailwind, FontAwesome, Material Icons and Symbols.
  • Firebase Database Android v1.0.0 is available! And already a PR to use Firestore Database on Android too.
  • TiSocial adds file support
  • fork is a version that can use a normal native view instead of a fragment on Android. That will fix some issues when you use it in a ListView Header/Footer
  • got a small update on Android that will remove the toColor deprecation warnings
  • ti.storekit 5.0.0 was released with macOS and M1 support
  • ti.webdialog 2.3.0 for Android removes the toColor warning too

and finally not a module but Kitchensink v2 received an update too. Some housekeeping and a new event example.

That's it

If you have feedback or some interesting Titanium SDK apps, modules or widgets you would like to share: get in contact with me or leave a comment and I'll add it to the next Titanium news.

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