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Titanium News #1

Since there is currently no TiWeekly or tidev ( - perhaps soon again?) I thought it would be nice to make a Titanium News post here since there was a lot happening in the last weeks.

Axway announced End-of-Support for Titanium

Perhaps the biggest new at the moment that is floating around:
At March 1, 2022 Axway won't officially support Titanium any longer and will hand it over to the community (most parts of the SDK are already open-source!).
Same for the back-end services (Sept 1, 2022). Have a look at the blog post above for more details.

While this was a shock for the community at first it turns out that there is already a nonprofit corporation "TiDev, Inc" that will drive the future development of Titanium! Big 👏 for the community members that basically started it a day after the announcement and already had their first board meeting 👍

Besides that there is still a lot of activity in the official Appcelerator Titanium repo and the developers continue to submit PRs and features!

Checkout the #tidev channel at for more infos!

Repo talk

It is still some time before the switch but Axway is already opening more repos to be available for the community:
both compile fine, so we can start working on PRs ;-)

Hopefully they will release some of the premium modules too, like encrypted databases (implemented my own version on Android) or the bluetooth module (already other modules available).


The next SDK 10.x is packed with a lot of new features and bug fixes.


There was a lot of Material work on the Android side and even the KitchenSink app will get a big update.
The Day/Night mode got an update as well: you can now switch and the app will automatically reopen the current window in the background and reflect the changes.


Alt Text
A new component called Ti.UI.OptionBar was added

const optionBar1 = Ti.UI.createOptionBar({
    labels: ["One", "Two", "Three"]
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So much more

There are still many open PRs in line and many bugfixes that will be included in 10.x

New discussion page

Next to TiSlack - the Titanium Slack channel there is now a Github discussion forum:
So for the quick chat and "I need to get this sorted right away" you can now post your questions, bugs or information to the Github discussion forum!
Very nice addition to the Slack and better for bigger questions!

Video tutorials

A while ago I've started from zero to app with some written tutorials with basic topics to get started with Titanium and master everyday tasks like "Push notifications", "Maps" or just different "app layouts". More guides will be added all the time but I finally found some time to record my first video tutorials:

Very basic at the moment but for a new user you have to start at zero 😄
The next video is already recorded but I'll need to record the audio and cut it.


At the end some interesting modules I would like to point out:

@hansemannn released many new modules:

TiGL - an OpenGL 2D scenegraph for Android: by @DzzD

And an Android live blur view for Android by me:

That's it ;-) If you have some nice app or module you want to see in the next article feel free to send me a note!


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also this Module for Android ;-)

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Michael Gangolf

Thanks, will add that to the next article! Very useful module, too