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A New Age of Work

At the dawn of the digital age many people that were ingrained in the the slow pace of life was either unable to adapt or just negated to adapt. The persistence of change only made it harder for companies and people's inability to change rapidly.

Thus the millennial change came slowly and picked up speed that has caused growing pains to economies of scale not seen in lifetimes past. At the beginning of the twenty first century ( change was ushered in with digital pain and a workforce not ready for the reality that lies ahead. The reality to companies and workers alike that we were unprepared. Unfair advantages given to banking and business that caused pain economically and the almost collapse of one of the biggest economies globally. Thus the loss of savings for a generation of workers not ready for retirement or a changing economy. Politics did not help either, that is another topic for another time.

Loss of economic, social and financial status enabled by mistakes made by institutions as well as investors broke spirits and caused pain and havoc on a system in flux. Most change is painful and we were served a dose of pain that was felt globally. Thus the rise of millennials who were born into the digital era and a big win.

With everything online, life totally changed but not everyone has embraced becoming a digital citizen. With so many people in a new generation adaptation to the digital age and the birth of a new generation growing up with technology, change became exponential. But for some without access, the change is overwhelming and depressing. Some countries citizens still have no access to an internet connection. With older workers inability or unwillingness to change some got left behind with skills need to be upgraded which is normal.

With the advent of the digitizing of everything from education, shopping, information dissemination to name a few it has become easier and sometimes dangerous. This depends on what you get into online, that path becomes your choice. The library is open 24/7/365.

Millennials have used this information to create huge companies, learn new skills, collaborate, and share globally, the possibilities have become endless from anywhere as long as an internet connection is available. We as people can surmise that almost anything can be accomplished by starting online.

Companies have also recognized the implications of not adopting a digital presence. The current status of shortages of people without the skills for the current economy and technology can be fixed and will be fixed. It will take time and changes in the business that is education. A lot of the world is attaining an education in America because of the ability to pay. When the educated leave the country with that education they leave with a global economy waiting.

This is my first attempt at writing online, be patient with me. I will get better at it your thoughts are greatly appreciated.

How has the socio economics of the digital era affected you and what are you doing about it?

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