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Cheuk Ting Ho 🐍 for Mid Meet Py 🎙️

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Mid Meet Py - Ep.8 - Interview with Tania Allard

(Sorry for the technical difficulties, we failed to capture Lais on the call today)


Python Conference for web devs 17th to 19th June

PyCon DE cancelled this year, see you next year

PyCon Africa 2020 Online

Sci-kit learn bugfix release 0.23.1 is out

Release of the tzdata package

Mid Meet - Hall of Fame:

Tanya Allard, PSF Fellow, Developer Advocate at Microsoft

Follow Tania on Twitter

PyPI highlights:

Helium - Python library for web automation (like Selium but lighter)

Hypothesis is actually cool.

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Discussion (2)

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Bryan Dimabayao

Thank you for the updates mam.

cheukting_ho profile image
Cheuk Ting Ho 🐍 Author

You are welcome