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Introducing: Timezone Bot for Discord!

midblue profile image Jasper Stephenson ・2 min read

It's finally live!

Last year, I made a simple timezone bot for Discord.

My school friends and I had been living increasingly remotely since we all graduated, and it was getting harder and harder to track who would be awake when, and when you could expect a response from someone. So, I got to work making a simple tool that would allow users to set their timezone, and then passively and unobtrusively notify users of their partner's local time when they were talking to someone in another timezone.

After a year of running a single-server version and getting dozens of emails from interested server owners looking to use the bot on their own server, I finally made a live version that anyone can add!

Click here to add it to your server!

I also implemented natural-language and fuzzy search using fuse.js and Google's geolocation API to make sure that you don't need to type usernames or location names perfectly every time.

This version uses discord.js on top of Firebase and Heroku, all of which are highly recommended if you're interested in making your own Discord bot.

If you're interested, add it to your server!
Also, let me know if you have any questions about Discord bot development.

You can read more about this project here, and have a great day! :)

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f4t7 profile image

I just added this bot today it was working fine until after a little it just stopped working
Can you check the logs?
Its online but none of the commands are working.
Thanks in advance and I love your bot <3

fabiank83 profile image
Fabian Kupferschmid • Edited

Your bot is awesome. I added it a few days back and widely use it. But since yesterday it's offline, can you look into that? Couldn't find you on twitter, otherwise I'd've written you there.

midblue profile image
jiuneeeee profile image

It's currently offline!
What can I do to turn it online again? :(