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Microtica 2.0 is live!

Working in a software consulting company, I began with cloud technologies quite early after AWS services were out. I was fascinated with the managed services that were provided and the ease it all brought after the regular scripts we needed to manage.

We were working on many different projects, from internal platforms for the biggest reinsurance companies, Uber-like app experiences, to complex IoT solutions that required huge reliability from the underlying infrastructure and service platforms.

Being in charge of the DevOps team, which came to count around 5 engineers and can in today’s terminology be called a platform team, projects and tasks began to pile up quickly and our team quickly became a bottleneck. There were times when creating a new environment for a project was being estimated as a one-week task. Tickets all over the place, prioritization meetings, wars for our time and attention to the problem.

This really began to frustrate us, and we were always trying to find new ways to automate and innovate in our process, to be able to scale our DevOps efforts and serve our customers and clients as quickly and securely as possible.

At that time DevOps engineers were really hard to find (now they are additionally too expensive to retain in a small company), so we needed to find different ways to replicate our DevOps team experience for different technical requirements.

I also started to notice that we needed to have a centralized space where all our DevOps knowledge is stored and reused. It could happen that the same infrastructure components or common services such as User Management or Review Recommendations are used on multiple projects, but the code is not standardized and there are multiple versions of it flying around.

This was the time when the very first idea of Microtica was born. The idea of Microtica was to enable faster cloud adoption and standardize the way developers and DevOps work with cloud technologies.

Today Microtica fills the gap in the DevOps market by providing a platform that offers the PaaS experience to customers while giving them the flexibility to create their own infrastructure from scratch.

Our new redesigned developer self-service portal offers:

  • Ready-to-use infrastructure and application templates
  • Inline configuration and pipeline definition
  • Automated git-push deployments
  • Production-ready Kubernetes integration
  • Automated rollbacks
  • Incorporated best practices for security, compliance and performance
  • Monitoring of deployments, app resources and costs in real-time

Start for free and setup your infrastructure in minutes.

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Ole Petersen

Hey, sounds cool!
You may want to check your links are working, current they point to an error bitly page :)