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Rabia Williams for Microsoft 365

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Beginners’ crash course to build apps for Teams

Teams Toolkit is an extension for Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio 2022, that you can use to build and deliver apps faster for Microsoft Teams. Developers can focus on building amazing applications instead of solving problems like tunnelling, identity, deployment, distribution of app and more.

How does Teams Toolkit help a new developer?

⚒️The toolkit comes with the Get Started page that has a checklist of everything you, as a developer, need to build an application.

  • Get your development environment ready
  • Create the base project
  • Create a sandbox development environment for you (If you don’t already have one) to test your application
  • Preview your application locally
  • Provision Azure resource instances your app needs and deploy your application logic to host them.

📽️Watch how we build a bot for Microsoft Teams using the VS Code extension.

📖Read step by step tutorial here

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