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Ways to Make Money as a Content Creator

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If you are a content creator (Writer, Sculptor, Podcaster, Painter, Photographer, Musician, Dancer, Vlogger etc. ) looking to start earning from your content. Here, I am going to explain different ways you can make money online.



Set up a donation platform like Patreon, where users can donate a little amount of money in support of your content. Creators use Patreon to generate income from more than 3 million active patrons. Many people seek out ways and are willing to support their favorite creators.
There are many other platforms you can use, but Patreon is one of the top platforms.



This has been the oldest and still the number one form of revenue generation. You receive money in other to promote a third party business. If you have many social media fans or followers you can make use of your platform to promote other businesses and services for a fee. Many businesses promote their product with influencers on social media.
The tip is, try to get more active fans, and display creative content on your page. That way, you will be attracting businesses looking to do promotions.
Otherwise, Google and Facebook ads are a great deal. Make use of Google Adsense and Facebook to monetize your content.



As a creator, you can have your users subscribe to your page for exclusive access to your content. It could be from basic to premium subscription, having to unlock all the content accordingly.

Next I will talk about Web Monetization, a new way to monetize your creation. Your webpage can be generating money for you when Coil subscribers visit your page. First, you will need an interledger payment pointer from Uphold or Gatehub. Add the payment pointer to your page. I made an article on how to get your payment pointer from Uphold Read here. I also wrote about Coil subscription in this article.


If you are a photographer whether a pro or an amateur you can make cool money by selling photos online . There are reliable photography websites to sell your images and also have them licensed.
Check out these sites: Gettyimages, Can Stock Photo, 500px, Adobe Stock and Istock .
These are just a few of the many photography websites.


Teach Online

Do you know that teaching online can fetch you some cool cash? you don't need to be a qualified teacher to teach online. Just you, teaching what you know best and you will be amazed by the scores of people who are willing to pay for that skill.
There are so many available platforms you can use. Check these few ones: Teacheron Udemy YouTube

A few ideas shared. Feel free to drop your comments and suggestions.

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