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Benefits of note taking...

My productivity was dead...

I was spending hours working without recovering and getting nothing done.

After 2 weeks:

  • I had more focus and motivation to work.
  • I was working 3 hours a day and getting more done.

Here's how I did it:

First, I started bedtime writing ✍️. This helped me sleep faster 😴 and get me motivated to do what I wrote when I woke up.

Second, writing easily achievable and few goals. The trick is to make your brain 🧠 think you have less work, thereby putting all your focus on what you have to do without feeling overwhelmed. It's a rule of thumb "Greater focus plus fewer goals equals the best result".

You can try it out and comment what your experience was like below 👇.

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William Torrez

I watch the movie: the social network and listen to music

michthebrandofficial profile image

That is really great, William. I am happy to hear that 😊