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Chaskiq: an open source alternative to Intercom, Drift etc..

miguel michelson
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Chaskiq is a 100% open source conversational marketing platform build as an alternative for Intercom, Drift, and others, currently under active development.

Chaskiq is a platform that enables chat communication with users in app or via campaigns (in app messages or newsletters). The platform is a Ruby on Rails app serving a graphql API which is consumed by a React application. It has minimal dependences , Postgres & Redis and interoperates with cdn providers like Amazon s3 and Amazon SES for email delivery. You can use other providers too.

Main features:

  • Segments or users filters to trigger campaigns, messages and bots.
    • use build in attributes like "last sign in", "country", "nΒΊ of sessions" or provide your own attributes from your registered users.
  • Embedable Widget Messenger
    • Embed web widget with a simple js snippet
    • Pass custom attributes to feed your segment properties
    • Secure data comunication with Encrypted data (JWE)
    • Multilanguage and Customizable color palette
  • Conversations
    • Agent's auto assignment
    • Extensible Chat editor with many kind of blocks ie: image, code, video, embed, giphy and more.. it's based in Dante2 editor
  • Campaigns
    • Newsletters with programable scheduling and Audience target
    • track open, clicks and complaints
    • User auto messages, send messages to visitors through segments
    • track open, clicks
    • Receive & Reply those unreaded messages from email and deliver the directly to the chat.
    • Set Agent's team availability, days with their time frames.
    • Compose Onboarding tours to give an awesome experience on your site
    • track open, clicks and skips
    • set which url the onboarding should trigger, support patterns like /*

All Campaigns messages are powered by Dante2, with all the bells and whistles.

  • Data enrichment, through third parties
  • Api integrations & pluggable integrations (currently on the works)
  • Programable bots and composable paths of conversations
  • Report dashboard with visits avg response & resolution times
  • Help Center/ Knowledge base in the box
    • Create articles & collections
    • multilanguage

And many features to come

To learn more about the philosophy and goals of the project, visit


Intercom's like messenger. widget based chat application:


Dashboard panel


Help Center


Have a good 2020!

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