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Is it True? Come On, You Can Tell Me.

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One of the best things about this community is we are all here to help each other. That I am grateful and so appreciative. Over the last few months I have asked questions, expanded my network, and wrote some articles to help others.
Well, I need your insight yet again. It seems to me each of the major JavaScript frameworks has a 'language' (jargon, slang, names and definitions) of its own. I'm not talking code but how things are referred to. Is this true? Does React have a different way of developer talk than Vue? If so how to I break that code? Is there a reference for this some where?

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I have been studying different frameworks and attempting to understand the differences of each (with your help, I am believe it or not a little more clearer) but this how to talk to Vue devs v React devs v Angular devs. I am at a loss, who can help me solve this puzzle?

No answer is wrong, no reference or insight to small.

Let's Chat and Educate Me, Please.


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Chittoji Murali Sree Krishna

React uses jsx so you have to embed the html into javascript, but the rest are uses different html and typescript different so changing code through those two will be easy, and compared to changing with react.

This upto my knowledge, I might be wrong