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How Scrappy Are You?

michelledev3 profile image michelledev ・1 min read

Are you scrappy?
I love being scrappy whether working in a private or public company, big or small. Being scrappy means ATTITUDE. A great definition I found is from the Scrappy Women in Business (a nice resource to add to your toolbox).
Scrappy means not relying on a title to be a leader.
Scrappy means being willing to take risks and put yourself out there.
Scrappy means doing the right thing, even when you don’t feel like it.
Scrappy means having the steely resolve of a street fighter.
Scrappy means sticking to your guns even if you’re shaking in your boots.
Scrappy means being committed beyond reason to making a difference.
Scrappy means caring about something more than you care about being comfortable, socially acceptable, or politically correct.
Scrappy means being absolutely, totally committed to extraordinary results.
Scrappy means EDGY! … and it is your edge in achieving outrageous results even when they seem impossible.

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