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Hellping Hops Hazy IPA

michelledev3 profile image michelledev ・1 min read

Imagine one transaction where you can buy a beer, drink it and donate to the Westmoreland and Washington Counties Pennslyvania food banks.

For a limited time (now until we run out of the 30-barrel batch, buy the Hellping Hops hazy New England India pale ale from one of the Helltown taprooms, and Helltown will donate $1.50 each draft, $1 from each four-pack or $6 per case.

Every $1 can be turned into as many as five meals, notes Greater Washington County Food Bank marketing director Justin McAtee, who says the food bank β€œis excited and thankful for the unique opportunity to be one of the beneficiaries of Helltown Brewing and Helping Hops' collaboration. In a way, everyone involved shares a mission of community and bringing people together."

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