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Discussion on: Java is Dead - Long Live Java

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I would rather play with npm breaking all day

I would rather finish my job, deliver value to my clients and go home on time, thank you.

I may be a dinosaur, but I'm appalled by how you can be hacked because your dependency management system can execute code instead of just downloading it. The Java ecosystem solved the dependency problem 15 years ago, and it is much much harder to publish malicious code with it.

And if Eclipse is slow on your macbook with 16Gb... that's strange, because I used it for years on 3-to-5 yr old Pros and Airs with that and lower specs and never had a problem. You should probably invest on an SSD, it'll do wonders for your work. Now I have Win10 both at work and at home, and the difference between SSD (work) and magnetic (home) is abyssal, even if the CPU specs and the equipment age are very close.

Have fun with whatever stack you choose 😁