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Discussion on: Lessons Learnt Making my First Proper Website

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Bonjour Dave

Very interesting post. Especially the "Track Your Time" part that we tend to forget as soon as we do things for ourselves and for fun.

I saw that you add a Moment.js dependency on GitHub.

Since Moment.js is now a legacy project and Luxon is already used by Eleventy, it's probably best to use it:

  • you don't have another dependency
  • you use it with const { DateTime } = require("luxon");
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Dave Henson Author

Bonjour Michel!!

Thanks for pointing this out! I based much of this on Andy Bell's Learn 11ty From Scratch Course - which is great but out of date now.

I'll add this on to my list of things to improve - I might even try and submit a pull request to the course repo if I am feeling brave.

Thanks again!