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Projects To Complete When Learning Web Development

Michał Dulik
Updated on ・1 min read

If you’re intermediate beginner web developer, you have probably run into the wall. The basic tutorials are too easy now. But it’s hard to figure out what to code.

You are probably looking for project ideas with quality design. Fortunately, there is, completly free website where each challenge is different and will test you different aspects of coding. It includes small user stories and beautiful designs.

When you complete a challenge, you submit your solution, which can be shared with others. Solutions page is a good place for people to learn from each other. It is for you to share your thought and help others.

Here are some sample projects

You should visit for more ideas.

Job Board App

Github jobs

Quizz App

Quizz app

Unsplash clone

Unsplash clone

Checkout page

Checkout page

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Philippe Roubert

These are great!
After gaining some experience, the best way I improved my skills was to basically take an already-existing website that I like and trying to replicate the exact looks of it. Obviously you won't be publishing this website, but it's great training and makes you think about many design aspects. These projects examples are quite similar in the idea, definitely worth it 😊

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supa cool

joppedc profile image

Very nice website. The "I need project ideas to practise" question is found everywhere, daily.

Only thing I don't like, is that as per usual, there's nothing for backend developers. Besides that, nice platform! I think a lot of people will benefit from this.

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Thu Nghiem

Hi @joppedc

The full-stack path is under construction and there is already one full stack challenge. You can team up with other front-end developers and practice teamwork and backend.

Saying there's nothing for backend developers is not really correct.

But thank you so much for your feedback :) and thank Michal so much for this post!!

joppedc profile image

I understand that there's a fullstack path. But i'm not a fullstack dev, just backend. I also don't want to need to team up with anyone just to practise for myself. Its really hard finding backend project ideas on the internet. At least ones that aren't "make a todo list". I think it would be cool to add a backend path as well.

Thread Thread
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Thu Nghiem

Fair point! I'll definitely work on Backend Path. Currently, there are few paths are under consideration:

  • Design System Developer Path
  • Front-end Master Path
  • Backend Developer Path

I will prioritize based on people's need. If there are more need more backend path. I will work on it as soon as possible.

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Michał Dulik Author

We are working on full stack path 😁

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Emmanuel Lucio Urbina

Thanks, I started Responsive Web Dev.

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Thanks alot

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Kat 🐆🐾

That's awesome, exactly what I needed. Thank you!

willem640 profile image

Exactly what I was looking for! Now I can continue to learn web development and I finally have something to do. Thank you!

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Axel Espinosa

This is fantastic! I always want to develop something but my ideas sometimes doesn't shows up

rajhawaldar profile image

Thats what i needed! Thanks for sharing 👍

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Olalani Oluwaseun

I have bookmark this write up and checked out devschallenge site. Will start working on it