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my audio setup

Many years ago, me and some fellow Splunk employees did a podcast called "SplunkTalk". It was quite successful and fun. We produced it like pro's: planned each episode, got decent audio equipment, did posts, RSS feeds, etc. that is why I have this equipment.

Now I work at Honeycomb and recently I hooked all of it back up in my office (much of it was in the garage after a move). Not only has it made my sound quality pretty awesome, but it's been the talk of every Zoom I'm on. "Hey Wilde, are you running a talk show?", "What's with that microphone", etc. I figured I'd post my equipment list with some photos so folks who might be interested have some reference equipment to work from.

  1. Audio In: Alesis Multimix-4 USB Mixer Mine doesn't have the effects processor, but I don't need many effects other than gain/filtering/EQ. I like that its USB into my Mac, it has Phantom Power for microphones and XLR connections for my mic.

  2. Microphone - Heil PR-40 This is a great pro-level microphone for a cost that isn't that crazy. I like a direct, front-firing microphone. This one is fantastic, it sounds great and has worked for years. Why not a USB mic? I'd rather process audio in hardware (with the mixer) and have a much wider choice of microphones than currently available in the marketplace.

  3. Pop filter - BSW RE27 You absolutely should have one of these regardless of whatever mic you use. I had one attached to the boom, but they're too hard to bend. This one attaches directly to the mic with a clamp, stays in place, and does its job.

  4. Shock Mount - Heil SM-2 This allows you to hook the microphone up to a boom. I like using a boom. You can move it out of the way, and the shock mount prevents vibration from the desk from getting to your microphone. You mount your mic to this, and this thing to the boom. If you are not going to use a boom and are going to get a desk-mounted microphone stand, definitely get a shock mount!

  5. Boom - Rode PSA1 Boom - This boom is a champ. It's delicate to the touch, is balanced with a microphone on it. I rarely ever adjust it and the mic is easy to move out of the way. It has a desk-mounted clamp, and an anchor you can use if you drill a hole in your desk. Options are always good!

  6. Speakers - I use the Bose Companion 3 speakers. While I'm not an audiophile, I really like the way these speakers sound. A bonus feature is the volume knob has a bypass you can put headphones in to! While you really shouldn't pick up external audio if you set your gain levels right on your mic, having the ability to use your favorite headphones to then cut off the speakers is fantastic.
    Volume Knob

  7. Cables - for a mic like this, you'll need at least 1 XLR cable. You only need one as long as the distance from your microphone to the mixer; 3 feed or less.

  8. Camera - Well, that's you're choice. I use a Logitech C920 webcam, which works just fine for me: There are probably better cameras but this does the job just fine.

  9. Audio Software: Loopback by Rogue Amoeba. This fantastic software allows you to create audio-routing inputs/outputs in software for the things you use (broadcasting, web conferencing, or even recording). Example: Let's say I'd like to have Spotify playing in the background while I'm talking. Loopback allows me to configure that so whatever "input" your software needs, "just works". When I did my podcast, we used Loopback to combine browser output with a soundboard, and then with skype and garage band so all of my co-hosts could hear me and themselves.

  10. Extra things: Since I like making music, I have an Ableton Live Push 2 control surface, a Novation Impulse 49 Keyboard, and an M-Gear sustain pedal. One shouldn't have a keyboard without a sustain pedal in my opinion.

I didn't acquire all of this at once, but certain things you'll have to buy at the same time (mic, mixer, cables, etc). I'm happy with my setup and it's worked for about 9 years strong (i think.. I'm getting old and I measure time in different spans lately).

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