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Michael Stamps
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How did you publish your first website?

I was wondering, how do most people publish their first website? My first website was published with Tiiny Host. Technically, my 'website',, is a subdomain of the domain, but it's close enough. Anyway, do people acually go and buy a real domain to make their first website?

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Marissa B

Anyway, do people actually go and buy a real domain to make their first website?

Yes, it's very cheap to do so. Even if you don't wind up keeping the original website, it's useful to have a domain and some hosting you can toss your latest project into for testing or playing around.

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WebCraft Notes

Totally agree with @marissab . My first website was published on Vercel without domain but I was not need it.
Then I found Ionos services with 1 USD a year for domain with SSL. A year is usually enough for me to decide if this project worth it to continue pay for domain or not. So yes, domains are available for everyone now, why not use it? ))

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Anita Olsen*Β°β€’.β˜† • Edited

My very first ones were made with Angelfire for free, then I made some with a site which I recall used to be called something like "Express Free Website" (It got discontinued) and then eventually, I made some with Blogger. Late last year I bought my own domain with Hostinger and I coded my webpage from scratch with Notepad.

The girls which I used to connect with were into old fashioned late 90's websites with a "cute" (kawaii) theme and glitter graphics^^ They all used free websites with free hosting.. often with awefully long urls :S

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Paulo Henrique

Well, if we are talking first FIRST it was on geocities, and in the 90's having a domain was really difficult.

Today? There are really cheap domains and providers. If you are going to use serverless, probably you'll pay only the domain renovation.

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Danny Moons

My first website was a Wordpress website about 10 years ago. I registered a domain and had a simple hosting package where I installed Wordpress via an installer. From there I installed a ton of themes and messed everything up multiple timesπŸ˜…. I overpaid for hosting and the domain but those times are over...

Now I register domains a local companies in the Netherlands and point them to either Vercel for hosting a Nextjs website or Wordpress hosting. For WP Hosting I mostly go for Siteground or a very sustainable option like Bitless, Leaf.Cloud, depending on the needs. Registering a domain costs me € 2-3 so not too much.

Registering your own custom domain is affordable, gives you more control and also looks more professional. So I'd always opt for a real domain.