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What's on deck for my tech leads this week - September 2, 2019

Hey Tech Leads,

For those of you coming off the three day weekend here in the States with me, I hope you had a good one. You can see I managed to walk away with a light (and somewhat cliche) sunburn--but I guess that's the price you pay for hanging out in the pools and on the beach for four days straight!

Michael Rice's Sunburn

Anyway, this week, here on and on my email list, I'm going to focus on intentions. By that I mean, I want to try to shift your thinking away from goals to your broader intentions for your tech leadership.

I'm doing it on the podcast and the tech lead mailing list. The podcast is a forum where I riff on some issues, but the real content shows up in the writings.

Monday's issue (No. 49) already went out along with its companion podcast. In it, I explain in more detail what I mean by intentions and why I think they're more important than goals, even though goals are so critical to making our work world work.

On Wednesday, I'm going to focus on a few specific intentions that I tend to gravitate towards, especially commitment and follow through, which I think are good things to focus on mid week. Results: Podcast No. 50 is up, and so is the letter, Commitment is a great type of intention.

On Friday, we're going to finish strong with some ideas about intentions and reflect on the week.

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