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The Tech Lead Coaching email list is now free!

Hey Tech Leads,

Yesterday was my birthday, so as my gift to you, I'm making the Tech Lead Coaching email list free (again).

Happy birthday to me

It was an interesting experiment to create a paid newsletter. I think it's a great idea and Substack seems to be nailing it. I even think it could make a ton of sense for a nichy, valuable area, like making more of your career as a tech lead.

That said, my goal isn't to make a ton of money off my ideas or insight. My goal is--truly--to try to make your life as a tech lead a little bit better and more effective.

Having worked for lots of terrible tech leads and been one myself, I honestly believe our tech industry would be a whole lot better if we had better leads.

So I hope you'll join me on this journey! Gratis.

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