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Discussion on: Reaching Out - Worries About my Journey as a Developer so Far

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Michael Rice

Hi Nicholas,

Curious: going from a world of music and the restaurant business, which I know from my own work experiences a long time ago is a high energy, high temp work, full of energy, movement, and people to... computer science where it's generally very quiet, solitary work, especially if you're studying in college.

Sure once you get into teams, there's communication, but the energy level of software engineers is typically far, far below, say, the concert scene!

Could that be what's missing?

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Nicholas Fazzolari Author

This is an interesting insight which I haven't put much thought too. It could be part of it. One thing I've been thinking about since making this post is that I'm going through a common anxiety adults changing careers go through. Imposters syndrome came back into my thoughts too.

I've been working my ass off to start producing some work that shows my skills. I have a nice agenda this summer to roll out some cool work and a new personal site. Those accomplishments along with going to some local meetups and reaching out to people should hopefully boost confidence.