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re: Nice article, on point! On my actual company, I'm the Back-End Team Leader and I've been the Tech Lead in a few projects. Some days I miss being ...

Thanks Luis!!! Glad you liked that point. Felt like I was putting myself out there a bit because I haven't heard other people say that too often.

Right now, I get to write a lot of code again, and in some ways it brings a different kind of satisfaction for me. You write the code, the tests turn green, and it feels like you actually did something.

On the other hand, the short term feedback loop isn't really there with people. Sometimes you have a hard conversation, and you get through it, but you don't see the results in terms of the project, the team, or the product for a while. It's so much more ambiguous than a green check mark on a unit test, which is kind of why I wrote the post.

Thanks again!

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