I WebRTC you - building a video chat in JavaScript

Michael Neu on August 20, 2019

For a recent university project, our team was tasked to deliver a video calling feature for both our iOS and web app. There are many solutions out ... [Read Full]
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Hi Michael,

Why it is not displaying the camera video? Only black rectangle.
When I open the inspect element, I could see this:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'getUserMedia' of undefined

Any thoughts?


it doesn't give error on mozilla, only on chrome


This is great! I was just looking at how to do this, but there are a lack of good up-to-date tutorials out there. Thanks!


Hi Michael,

Thank you for nice article. I would like to ask one question, you mentioned in the article that ICE servers are STUN/TURN servers which generates ICE candidates. I just want to know if ICE servers are not specified webrtc client object(assume both parties are in the same network), who creates ICE candidates?


I like the point you made at the top about minimum required steps - its so hard to find in the video and chat space!

Great post, thanks for sharing!


Can you please explain how can we achieve this for an iOS and Android application?

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