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This is why I hate Typescript

Michael De Abreu on July 19, 2019

This a satire post about some arguments that you can actually find against Typescript. Through most of them are being exaggerated, they all repres... [Read Full]
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... where do I start. Let's do classes first. JavaScript class field syntax will in the coming months do exactly what typescript does, no more constructors or super.

Next modules, Microsoft are not phycic, Typescript docs actively discourage the use of namespaces, it is also very hard to deprecate something that legacy systems may rely on.

I could go on but I don't think I will get through (assuming your not trolling), your post may be illinformed.

If you think I'm a regular typescript user, I am not anymore. Mainly because JavaScript will be catching up with the proposals that both Babel and typescript implement. 😘

Edit: based on the comment bellow I should probably read the whole damn post.

Edit edit, thank god this is a joke, I have never met anyone complain about typescript mostly because the only people I know who talk about it have used it, mostly everyone else is at-least curious. I don't think this post will help the junior developer to be honest and could be really damaging. You should try as many languages (supersets) as you can, understand want sucks and the wtf's.


There are several articles out there pointing right at the core of the post. So, the argument is actually an extrapolation of true thoughts. :P.


I was like... Hmm bring it 🥊🔔. I should not drunk comment 🤣, I even made a rage post inspired by my annoyance. Sorry Micheal 😆

This was the post I write inspired by my annoyance. Glad you like it.


Typescript produce .js and .mal
You can use Chrome debugger reading that without any problem.

The factorial function you have posted is a lie, because you could set tsconfig.jsom to allow implicit any.

Angular? Nodejs and React (.tsx) can use typescript too

This post is Garbage


If you have to say that it’s satire, then it’s not good satire. The article is more damaging than helpful. If you like TypeScript then I can’t see why you would want to write an article like this that TS-dissenters will likely be reblogging to further their cause. This is due to the fact that most of the people who don’t like TypeScript haven’t actually tried it. And this article just proves their confirmation biases. Instead we should be clarifying why TypeScript makes many of us so happy.

Yes. That's the intention. People should learn to use something before they have an opinion on it. But most of the time they don't. They just read the title an make assumptions.

PS: if you another comments, there are plenty of hints about this being a satire post. You could also open the links for a few more. :P.

You're not getting it, if you want to write a good article about TypeScript, then just do so and be straight forward, instead of trying to "teach your readers a lesson about life" (and badly so), nobody wants to play your games and sit there in confusion trying to understand if you're being serious or not while reading your garbage of an article.

Be straight forward, people will appreciate you more...


The examples are wrong.
Debug: lie
Just Angular: lie
Not compiling .js: LIE!!

Do you always stop reading at the middle of the article?

Yes... But you could do a mocking post putting better things!

Arguments are real through. It wouldn't be funny if the arguments wasn't. For me at least.

With satire the reader knows what they are getting into. They are supposed to be shown very early on this is a joke.

There is no clear sign post here. You prompt the reader with a very strong word “hate” without then inserting a punch line anywhere.

It’s not funny.


It's a very bad satire to be honest, poorly executed, and is more damaging than helpful.


It took me way too long to understand the actual intent of the article. Well done😂


Disagree all the points.


TypeScript is a super set of JavaScript, you use TS syntax in design-time and tsc to JavaScript code for runtime. (Just like most people us JS2015+ in design-time, babel to JS5 for runtime)


  • the TS class is just like ES6+ class;
  • the JavaScript code is not a ES6+ class, but a ES5 function extending its prototype.

Private properties

today's status: "Public and private field declarations are an experimental feature (stage 3) proposed at TC39".
ES2 (1998) defined the reserved words: class, private, public, etc.
TypeScript uses "private" in class was a natural move.(unfortunately, not same as the es2019). But no break changes for TS developers, you don't hear them cry.

Typescript is not JavaScript

Of course you have errors for the factorial function (if using default tsconfig), that's the most important job TS does -- static type-checking.

The creator of Typescript knows nothing about programming

No comment. ( subjective topic)

People only use Typescript because they are used to OO languages

Not exactly, most of TypeScript (Object Oriented) features are being added to JS.
People use TS mainly because its static type-checking feature.

You can't debug Typescript

Why! I debugged TS in my first TS project.

Babel is so much better

overlapped in code trans-pile, but different others
Babel transforms JS code (high version to low version)
Babel uses TS (plugin) to transforms TS code
Babel uses Flow to transform Flow code

Typescript is only used in Angular

Yes, Angular is only framework forces application users to use TS syntax;
(you can use Angular UMD package in JavaScript, not popular usage)

Flow is better

Subjective. Flow is not standard JS either, it still needs to be transpiled.
Difference Flow vs TS, flow marks inline, but TS marks the extension.

You shouldn't use Typescript

my personal opinion:

  • use JavaScript, if you are application developers.
  • use TypeScript, if you are framework/library/package developers. (when building, deliver cms, ems, umd, whatever to your application users, just like Google material-ui team, VUI, AirBnb, firebase etc.)

my comment about TypeScript

pros: improve JavaScript code robustness, productivity (for experienced)
cons: learning curve high.
remember: TS is for static syntax type checking.

check this really big team experience sharing


I will write property about ts. Hope you like that as well.


I dunno, I figured out it was a joke right at the beginning:

Typescript is just a big amount of garbage on top of the most wonderful language on ever created, JavaScript, [...]

Not sure I've met any JS developer who would write that down seriously!

I don't actually write any TS though so I have no opinions on the rest of the article's quality of humor ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Yeah, that statement gave it out for me 😁


Well, if you had used TypeScript, I might have had a hint... 😉


Sneaky! I was about to get angry, but then I read about the creator and it became too obvious :)


Omg, I am not even sure you are even a programmer, if you were you'd know there are worst things than typescript like go-lang or reasonml or that little language that has errors horrifically done, elm I think it's called.


I am really sure you didn't read the whole thing. :P.


Or maybe I read too much and just proved everyone's point

Sloan, the sloth mascot Comment marked as low quality/non-constructive by the community View code of conduct

I did. And the only thing I got from it is that you're bad at writing...

Hey there!

Lay off a bit.

It's totally okay that you didn't enjoy the article or the author's approach, but so many comments in one thread to tell them this is a bit excessive.

And no need for personal insults.


Smart. Maybe you should update your description where you say you like typescript to follow the same logic :)


It went on a bit so I didn't read it all.
Used typescript a few years ago. Getting back into it with React Native now.
Love it!

Yeah I skipped to the end because I was fairly sure. I'm using TypeScript for a project now and it's really neat.

Typescript is my favorite. All the fun of JavaScript, the type safety of Java and little to none of the biggest issues those two languages have on their own.

It’s only a PITA to get type definitions for 3rd party js libraries

You have to notice that you will never have the type safety of Java or C#. Those use an entire different method for type safe and they check on run time.

TS will check as far as it can, and would do it only in build time.

I think this is really important.


Lol, I was about to start complaining about this ridiculous post until I read: this is a satiric post.

Just the fact you said Anders Hejlsberg was a bad programmer should be a tip of what you were saying.

Congratulations!, you made me go from anger to laugh in a very short amount of time.


Anyone who thinks javascript is the most beautiful language ever has mental issues. And Typescript is a stupid bag of garbage and I don't even really consider it a real language. They both suck monkey balls.


Well played, Michael. I was sharpening up my pitchfork as I was reading this. And then I realised that you got me. Bravo!

The next step we need to make happen is first class TypeScript support in browsers, embed the compiler right into the browser and let us ship TS code.


I would like that as well. But sure TS should enter a standardized process.


interesting though, although i like some features of ts. mainly the null or undefined checker. this forces you to code more precise and prevent undefined error, which, as you might know, is by far the most common and ugly to debug kind of js error.


Well played :-). I always say Typescript is a gateway drug for people who actually believe Javascript is a good or effective language. IMHO this is just a form of Stockholm syndrome.

As it preserves most of the madness that is Javascript for compatibility reasons, Typescript necessarily is a very messy, clumsy, and inconsistent language that allows for all sorts of very ugly hacks that have no place in a modern code base. Luckily, other languages are available and coming to a browser near you very soon thanks to WASM. Kotlin, Swift, C#, Ruby, Go, Elixir, Clojure, Python, Rust, C/C++, etc. All of them have WASM on their roadmaps directly or indirectly (by utilizing e.g. LLVM). Many of these are making this explicit. E.g. Rust is all about wasm this year and MS has included WASM related stuff like Blazor as a core part of .Net 5.

Some of these languages also have decent transpilers. E.g. kotlin-js works quite well, can reuse type definitions for Typescript, and e.g. Parcel added support for it some time ago. Likewise clojure script is a thing. However, javascript as a compilation target is a dead end as you would gain access to the same APIs from WASM, which makes transpilation to JS technically redundant long term.


I get that you're taking the piss, and that's all this is. A laugh. Nobody would seriously use this as an example to compare TS to JS. None of these points are valid, but yeah, let's all laugh at the Typescript noobs that don't actually know what they're talking about. Ahhh, the good life...


Hate Typescript. Sorry to disappoint you, but as I said, most of this points (if not all of them) are actually the point of view of one or more people who really think ts is bad.


If you strip all the strawman stuff maybe it would be a better dialogue. I dunno, it wasn't really funny.

Disclaimer: I don't have an opinion on the topic, I'm not convinced on the benefits of ts and obviously don't think it's evil.


I totally understand what you say, but yeah expect a lot of Trolling back,
new waves of developers seems increasingly deceived by Marketing of new frameworks.

TypeScript types suck overall,
but for people that never really learn strong inferred static types, they do look like an improvement.


Please please please take this article down. Idiots will not read all the way through and not realize this is satire. It's going to make people's lives unnecessarily more difficult.


Or at least put the satire warning at the top not the end.


By petition I'll. But in a couple of days. Let's hope no one confuse this and think is for real.

You can see by the comment about Haskell and buying VSCode that people are already thinking this is real. And those who don’t are still using it as an opportunity to trash TS.


"People only use Typescript because they are used to OO languages"
TypeScript has cool functional features like sum types and discriminated unions whose makes code more expressive and easy to read.


I think that's the section you should read carefully.


I don't think I can tell you what you can like. But I can learn if you tell me what you didn't like. :)


Just signed up, because this title do deserve a thumbs up!


Nice sarcasm 😀 actually enjoyed reading this xD might skipped here and there though 😆


I was very confused if it was a troll article or not... I would I've ordered if it was lol.


Sorry you didn't like. Maybe you'll like my other posts better. :)


Man I already was ready to shout out in agony and had my hands formed to fists to hit my table haha. Good one, you got me


Ha-ha, well done, @michael ! Happy I staid put and read till the end. But not many people do!


Not many valid points in the article. Conflicting syntax against ES6+ is probably the only one.


Realised this was satire as soon as you mention flow being better 😂


Your article gave me a good laugh 😂
But you forgot the #jokes tag.


I also like staying with Native JavaScript, don't feel I can gain anything to adapt TypeScript.


Would you like to give it another try before the end of the this year? See if it has any improvements so far to address the issues you stated?

Thank you for reading. But you didn't say anything about what's the editor that Microsoft bought to create VS Code. I really would like to know.


I'm trying to learn TS, I didn't understand any of this. They don't declare classes anymore in js, what are you writing I don't get it


OK... I won't argue with you about TS, because you probably think the post was for real. But, Microsoft bought VS Code from who exactly?


I don't get it. Why would you want to turn into orange site/twitter/reddit?


This has to be some sort of joke right. Js is steaming mess for anything lager than couple of hundred lines of code. TS answer the many many problems of Js.


Thank God I'm not. Maybe that's why you take a moment to comment it. :). Do you want to share how to improve my writing?

Of course, be straight forward and concise without any useless bullshit.


It is. He said in the post that it was satire.


I've never seen so much garbage in one article, congratulations.


Thanks! Want to recommend one article of you? I would like to read it.


my profile is public and so is my account

I know. Just wanted you to recommend one. One that have a better written than mine.

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