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Great article Andrew, thanks so much! I would love if you could review mine as well:


Another thing to note with the header image is to also check the mobile view. Some of these examples with the custom header you shared will unfortunately have text and graphics partially covered up on the mobile view, so that's something to keep in mind. I believe over 60% of users on LinkedIn are on mobile devices (app and the website) and I thought that would be something worth mentioning. 👍


Michael is right here where the profile photo covers part of your banner.
This is the case for my banner where it's obscuring my messaging.

I have yet to optimize a banner for both. You can, of course, click on the banner in mobile to see all of it but I doubt this is what users do.

I was planning to do another post just on mobile because the experience is different and when I talk about using concise text it makes even more sense in mobile view.


Sounds great, thanks Andrew! Looking forward to your next post.

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