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Web-dev conferences in Oct

I'm a self-taught dev focused on websites and Python development. My friends call me the "Data Genie". When I get bored, I find tech to read about, write about and build things with.
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Hi fellow devs

I'd like to share two free online conferences that I am attending this month (October 2020). Both are around web dev - JAMStack specifically.

I've added context and links around the conference names, in case you need help understanding what the tech tools are and how to start using them.

Next Conf 🎉

Topic 🤔

What is Next.js Next.js is a React framework for speed, scaling and security.

It is made by the team at Vercel.

Conference 👨‍🏫

Resources 📚

JAMStack conf 🎉

Topic 🤔

What is JAMStack? It is about about serving pre-rendered content. Fast, secure and no backend servers to manage.

JAM stands for:

  • JavaScript
  • APIs
  • Markup

The term was coined by Mathias Biilmann to describe a modern web development architecture based on client-side JavaScript, reusable APIs, and prebuilt Markup. post

See the homepage.

Conference 👨‍🏫

There are talks around topics like Vue, Gatsby and Netlify.

It's a two-day conference. The first day is all free talks and networking.

The second day is paid workshops - you can signup for at most one. See list below.

  • Getting Started with GatsbyJS
  • Building Modern APIs with GraphQL
  • Build a Better Build Plugin
  • Building from Scratch with Nuxt.js
  • Jamstack for E-Commerce

Resources 📚


How to Build a JAMstack Website using Vue.js, Nuxt.js and Cosmic JS

Let's first define our JAMstack: 'J' stands for JavaScript, our application uses Vue.js. 'A' stands for APIs, and we are using the powerful APIs of Cosmic JS. 'M' stands for Markup, which is Nuxt.js in this example.







Unsplash: photo by @climatereality.

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