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Unicron scheduler

I'm a self-taught dev focused on websites and Python development. My friends call me the "Data Genie". When I get bored, I find tech to read about, write about and build things with.
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Unicron docs

I wrote this Python tool named Unicron to run daily webscraping and tweeting tasks on my laptop without using unnecessary storage or API limits or posting too often. I hope this is useful for others.

Unfortunately, crontab alone can't run them reliably on a laptop which is not always on and online. And running all jobs hourly (when they only need to run once a day) is overkill for resources, but that's what I've been today.

Now I have a tool what integrates with crontab that will run your tasks exactly once a day and will keep retrying them throughout the day if they fail. Keen to hear thoughts on this! Or to find if there is a solution for Mac out there already.

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