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Recent thoughts on coding and inspiration

Some days I feel like there is not enough time to build things or learning the coding skills I want. Or I worry about choosing the wrong option so I keep researching but never commit to making a choice.

So I am trying to take things easier. And to chip away at learning a new tool or language regularly and I look back a few weeks or months later and it's hard to imagine life without that thing.

I read this article about space missions and likening them to coding. They said they learnt more from one failed launch than 10 successful ones. If you're not making mistakes, you're not learning!

It's lonely sometimes coding. But if you find the right dev community whether online or at a local venue or meetup group, you'll get inspired rather than despondent when you find out you are wrong about something or that there is so much out there to learn.

I found a vibrant community of Jekyll forums and Tweepy Discord group where I can teach and learn with newbies and veterans in the community.

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