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Live coding - Jekyll sites

Hi fellow developers.

Live coding

I've started giving coding sessions using YouTube live stream.

This weekend I'm doing a beginner-friendly session on Jekyll - a static site generator in the Jamstack area.

See the 1-hour event on Saturday a 3pm GMT+2.

I'll do a screenshare and cover some topics like how to convert a plain HTML theme into a Jekyll site.

Plus I'll cover questions that come up in the live chatroom. Or if you have a question you want to add to this post so I can prepare it for that session.

Samples of Jekyll

If you want to see what a basic Jekyll site looks like, I have samples, including links to the source code. They have has content as markdown and a configured theme.

Here's a GitHub portfolio site built with Jekyll:

How do I stream?

If you're interested in how to setup a live stream yourself, I wrote a short tutorial here on my blog.

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