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Michael Currin
Michael Currin

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Hexo Quickstart project released

Heard of Hexo before? It is a JS-based static site generator focused on supporting your blog.

Today is the first time I set up a site. I am familiar with Node.js and Jekyll, so I set myself a challenge to learn a new static site generator tool, or at least enough to get by.

Here it is:

It includes instructions in the docs, a live demo on Github Pages and you can use the project as template to make your own.

Actually, the main reason I wanted to learn to use Hexo was to use this impressive futuristic theme that has a space age or video game feel:

sample image

Once I had a base project setup, it was easy to add the theme as a submodule in the themes directory and then configure the theme value in my _config.yml. Though I ended up sticking to the default landscape theme for my quickstart though to keep it vanilla.

Is anyone else using Hexo? Any reasons to use it for blogging? Or to ditch it and focus on Jekyll or Hugo... or Gatsby or VuePress... there are so many to choose from.

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Hello, I'm using it for blogging, but it can also be used for a more classic site.
It offers a ton of themes and plugins
I like it because it's a static site generator, without the burden of a JS Framework on the frontend (React or Vue or ...) which is probably more than enough for what you want to do.
Also, it's Javascript, so, as you are probably already using JS for the front (at least some), you are also using JS to generate your html

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